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Is a wireless nurse-call system just as secure as a classical hardwired system?

GETS MSS is offering the first wireless nurse-call system certified in Switzerland.

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The hardwired nurse call: a secure system.

Hardwired nurse-call systems enable constant monitoring of call sources (remote control units, call buttons etc.). If one of the components fails, the caring staff or technical staff is immediately alerted by an error message to correct the problem.

To enable this constant monitoring, the calling devices send a periodic signal to the control centre at least every 30 seconds. If the centre receives no signal from a source for over 30 seconds, it assumes it has failed and immediately sends an alert, which ensures that the user has a functioning nurse-call system at all times.

GETS MSS Wired BUS system

How to make a classical wireless nurse-call system as secure as a hardwired one

If one were to attempt to make a classical radio-transmission nurse-call system secure using the same monitoring principle as for a hardwired system, the sending of the periodic signals would eventually deplete all the power in the battery within a few weeks.

The technological progress of the smartphone industry has made it possible to design electronic components that enable radio signals to be managed and transmitted using only a fraction of the power consumed by so-called “classical” radio transmission systems.

The “WIRELESS” nurse-call system developed by GETS MSS: certified as meeting DIN VDE 0834-1

By combining its nurse-call expertise with the next-generation components used by smartphone makers, GETS MSS has developed a next-generation radio solution for nurse- call communications.

The WIRELESS nurse-call system of GETS MSS enables the same monitoring as a hardwired system. If a malfunction of a device is detected, a failure message is sent to the control centre after 30 seconds. This approach uses very little power, increasing the battery life from a few weeks to more than a year.

The GETS MSS WIRELESS solution is certified as meeting the VDE 0834 standard. This certification assures a very high level of security comparable with the hardwired nurse-call equipment used in health care institutions.

GETS MSS Wireless system

Organisme de certification VDE

What does the DIN VDE 0834-1 standard certify?

In Europe, the German VDE certifying institute is the reference for standards and tests in the field of electricity. To be certified, nurse-call products must meet the requirements of the DIN VDE 0834-1 (VDE 0834-1): 2016-06 standard. Many health care institutions require their nurse-call systems to have this certification, as it is a guarantee of security and quality.

This standard assures a high level of security and reliability of the nurse-call system. It sets out all the requirements for the design and operation of a nurse-call system. It provides that the components must be installed, used and maintained by qualified personnel. Users’ security is ensured by the certification’s requirements regarding proper transmission of calls sent by patients.

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