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Door contact: a simple and reliable solution for night-time surveillance

Night-time surveillance in health care facilities is often complicated. It is uncomfortable for patients/residents to sleep with their wandering bracelet on, the floor mats do not make it possible to distinguish between a patient/resident leaving their room and one who simply wants to go to the restrooms, and the reduced staff does not allow for constant rounds.

How many times has a patient/resident endangered themselves or annoyed other patients/residents because of the lack of rapid detection of their leaving the room?

Gets offers a simple and effective solution to this problem: the door contact.

  • Easy to install: only two elements to be fixed to the door, no wires need to be pulled.
  • Easy to use: you can choose whether it is permanently active or only active at night. A button on the outside of the door allows healthcare personnel to enter the room without triggering an alarm.
  • Quick warning: the alarm is triggered the moment the patient/resident opens the door, no need to wait for them to pass by a location beacon with their wristband.
  • Versatile: can be used on room doors as well as on doors leading to outside or out of bounds areas of the building.

This solution also offers additional freedom to the patient/resident who can move freely in their room without triggering an alarm, unlike monitoring with a floor mat.

In addition, it is possible to configure a time schedule, which allows you to choose whether the door contact is active during the day, at night or at all times.

Many users have already been seduced by the door contact, both for its practicality and affordability, and for the workload reduction it provides through its reliable and immediate detection of any passage through monitored doorway.

Contact your Gets partner today for more information on door contacts.

Léa O.

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